Escape Hunt Dubai

Escape Hunt Dubai

Escape from one of our rooms and Win a free game!

Valid till Oct 19th 2018



Escape Hunt noun Def: The name given to 60 minutes of pure, unadulterated excitement, during which you and your teammates lose yourselves in an incredible experience, working together to follow a series of fiendishly clever clues and escape a locked room.

The pressure’s on, the clock’s ticking, the adrenaline’s pumping. Escape Hunt isn’t something you watch, it’s something you experience from the heart of the action. After the buzz of Escape Hunt, other entertainment just feels flat.

How did all this awesomeness come about? Escape Hunt began life in 2013 when we opened our first branch in Bangkok. Inspired by great online computer games such as Myst and Crimson Room we set out to create something utterly different but equally compelling. The result is a truly immersive experience where Escape Hunters are transported to another era to solve a mind-twisting mystery created by Escape Hunt Studios – our global game design team.

Today we’ve branches everywhere from Buenos Aires to Birmingham and Melbourne to Miami, with more opening all the time. We’re proud to say we’ve escape rooms in every continent (well, almost – Antarctica’s penguins aren’t interested) and we continue to grow through a network of franchises, making us the global leader in the world of escape rooms. Long may it continue.

Escape Hunt Dubai is located at Galleria Mall on AlWasl road just 4 kms from Dubai Mall, Escape Hunt is must visit place for all.


Escape Hunt are one of the few game centers in the world to welcome groups of only 2 players. This means you can have a wonderful personal experience for just the two of you. Add in the fact you are in your own private room, it becomes a very special event.


In a world of personal gadgets and online experience, this is a special opportunity to spend some amazing time with your family. An adventure with us will give you memories that you will treasure for many years to come!


Whether it’s a Friday night or a Monday afternoon, the centres are open to host your workday get-away. Whether you are friends, work colleagues or both, come and enjoy a fun-filled adventure in Dubai competing against the clock.


The Escape Hunt Experience has 5 rooms and dedicated lounges so keeps a large corporate following. Companies choose this experience as it provides a great mixture of fun and learning in an engaging manner.